St.Francis of Assisi Parish
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Faith Formation

All classes are held at St. Joseph's Hall
 29 South Street, Barre, MA

Grades 1 - 6 meet every Sunday morning on an alternating schedule. 9am-10am (regular class every other week) and 8am-9:30am
(Mass class every other week)

Grades 7 - 9 meet every Sunday evening 6pm-7pm.

Parent Letter    2022-2023 Grades 1 - 6 calendar
Regular class grades 1 - 6

Mass class grades 1 - 6

Regular class - grades 7 - 9

Online Registration 2022-2023
Please click to register on the web

  registration form here to print and mail back

Call Crystal Marsh to register @ 978-771-1476


Faith For Youth

Faith Formation Coordinators
Grades 1-6/ Liz Sansoucy

Grades 7-Confirmation/Marty Tremblay

Faith Formation Office at St Joseph Chapel
978-355-2228 x4

Photo's of St. Joesph & St.Thomas Becket courtesy of

Church of St.Thomas-a-Becket and St. Joseph Chapel Are Wheelchair Accessible
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Faith Formation