St.Francis of Assisi Parish
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Faith Formation

All classes are held at St. Joseph's hall, 29 South Street, Barre, MA

Grades 1 - 6 meet every Sunday morning on an alternating schedule
Week 1: Regular class 9am-10am / Week 2: Mass class 8am-9:30am

Grades 7 - Confirmation meet Sunday 6-7:30pm



A Prayer for Our  Parish Graduates
"Heavenly Father, Surround those who are graduating with your  grace. Bless them with  hope so that they move  into the future with  eager and open hearts.
Help them to put the  knowledge, skills, and  insights gained through  their education for the  good of all mankind".

Faith Formation Coordinators
Grades 1-6/ Liz Sansoucy

Grades 7-Confirmation/Marty Tremblay

Faith Formation Office at St Joseph Chapel
978-355-2228 x4

Photo's of St. Joesph & St.Thomas Becket courtesy of

Church of St.Thomas-a-Becket and St. Joseph Chapel Are Wheelchair Accessible
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Faith Formation