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Flocknote News: To Keep in touch with us Text SFABS to 84576 – Or on line at There is a Icon
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This way we can reach-out to you with  resources and more…
Welcome New Parishioners
We are so happy to have you at St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
We recently changed our registration process.
All you need do is either fill out the back of the Welcome flier in each
of the pews or directly call the Parish Office at 978-355-2228.
If when you call our office manager, it directs you to voice mail,
leave your name and a telephone number and he will call you back.

Dear Catholics and Supporters of Religious Freedom,


As you probably heard Bishop McManus is being severely attacked for defending our Catholic Schools in his Worcester Diocese.
Please read Catholic Action League 's President C. J. Doyle recent letter to the editor at
From this home page you can also read other recent news releases on this vital subject including:

Below is C. J. Doyle's current letter asking us to SUPPORT BISHOP MCMANUS who can not be thanked enough for us and has done so much to defend our church and religious freedom.

The Bishop of Worcester, the Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, is the target of a vicious, mendacious and defamatory smear campaign orchestrated by media wolves, LGBT militants and pro-abortion politicians.

In the last two weeks, there have been, at least, twenty hostile newspaper articles and biased television news reports maligning him. The Bishop has even been accused---absurdly and unjustly---of "perpetuating violence."
His only crime: upholding moral sanity, biological reality and perennial Catholic teaching in his own diocesan schools.
The Bishop's courageous instruction on gender and sexuality---rooted in Divine Revelation and Natural Law---exhorts students to the Christian virtue of modesty and the capital virtue of chastity, prohibits expressions of same sex attraction, and expects students to conduct themselves at school in a manner consistent with their biological sex.
For this, Bishop McManus is being slandered, vilified and demonized.
There is relentless, mounting and organized pressure on the Bishop, and upon his Superintendent of Schools, Doctor David Perda, to revoke or water down the instruction.
It is vitally important that Bishop McManus and Doctor Perda know that they are not alone in this controversy, that faithful Catholics, other Christians who believe in Biblical morality, and many persons of goodwill support them in preserving Christian principles in Catholic schools.

Please contact Bishop McManus and David Perda and tell them that you support them, commend them and stand behind them!
Please tell them that you want them to go forward with the new instruction announced on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th!

You may reach Bishop McManus at or at 508-929-4345.
Doctor David Perda may be reached at or at 508-929-4317.
August 28th was the Feast of Saint Augustine, the Doctor of Grace, who reminded us, 1,600 years ago, that "Whoever wishes to be a friend of this world, says Scripture, will be reckoned an enemy of God."
Bishop McManus has demonstrated that he would rather endure the enmity of this world than lose the friendship of God.
Please let him know that you support him.
Thank you.
C. J. Doyle
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112, Roslindale, MA 02131-0004

Tilling the Ground with Prayer
A Three O’Clock Challenge

In 1935, our Lord revealed to St. Faustina Kowalska that the most holy hour of the day is 3pm, the hour of Mercy, and that prayer during this time releases profound and powerful graces, as it was the moment Jesus offered Himself to the Father in expiation of our sins.

The celebration of the Eucharist allows us to join Christ in that offering to His Father and commune with Him. Unfortunately, many no longer respond to Our Lord’s invitation to remember his passion, death, and resurrection in the Eucharistic Celebration.

Jesus describes such a heart as barren ground; no longer fertile, as the seeds of his grace struggle to penetrate deep and take root so that they may bring about the transformation necessary to prepare for eternal life.

In an effort to till that ground and allow grace and inspiration to flourish once again, our parish is launching,
“Tilling the Ground with Prayer,”


where parishioners will be invited to join in prayer during the holiest hour of the day between 3pm and 4pm for loved ones who have fallen away.

Fr. Jamie will pass hour cards with a simple prayer and explain this effort to help our loved ones come back home to God.

woman with book

Tuesday, November 28th 1:00PM
St. Joseph's Hall Finalizing Plans for
Saturday, December 2nd 10am - 2pm
Christmas Open House at St. Joseph's
All Women of the Parish are Welcome
Contact Mary Ann Jordan via email at or via phone/text
at 978-808-3371 for more information.
The Three O'clock Hour Challenge
Back in September Fr. Jamie introduced us to the fact that the 3 0'clock hour is said to be the holiest hour of the day.
He passed out cards with the 3 O'clock prayer and challenged us to sign-up to pray the 3 O'clock Prayer and offer the sacrifice of being silent for 3 minutes for the intention: for all who have left the practice of the Faith ....
At the time we had 34 people sign up to take this challenge
If you didn't have a chance to sign-up, we have brought back the sign-up sheets in the back of each of our churches.
You can pick-up a copy of the prayer too!
For all who have signed up - Keep Persevering!
You are not alone. If you find that you miss a day a two, or those 3 minutes seem like forever. Keep Going!
Our prayers are tilling the hearts of our loved ones.

Sign up After All Masses
Order Yours Today
Deadlines are Approaching
Poinsettias $15.00
Cemetery Baskets $20.00
Poinsettia are from Hartman's Farm
December 2nd
· Luncheon
· Cemetery Baskets
· Poinsettias
· Raffles
· Bake Shoppe
· Hot Cocoa Bar
· Make an Advent Calendar
. Fun Games & Prizes for Kids

10AM to 2PM
We Need Your Help to
Make Our First Christmas
Open House a Success!
Looking for Cooks, Bakers
& Many Memory Makers!

Margaret Mertzic - Bake Shoppe

Shelly Clark Activity Volunteers

For More Information
Mary Ann Jordan 978.808.3371

In October of 2023, Pope Francis will convene in Rome the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops to examine the topic: "For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission." The Holy Father has asked every diocese in the world to provide input for that synod.
The Diocese of Worcester has developed website resources at that cover the following:
• What is a synod?
• What have previous Synods focused on?
• What is synodality?
• Local input efforts in the Diocese of Worcester for Synod 2023
• Examples of Local Consultative Experiences
The Synod preparatory documents acknowledge the difficulties of convening consultative groups in the time of a pandemic. We will not be convening a large Diocesan wide gathering but ask each parish to solicit input through means each pastor judges most effective given parish circumstances and capabilities. Those means can include physical or virtual gathering(s) of parishioners or simply sharing the link to the Individual survey in bulletins or by Flocknote.
We have two online survey response tools which are on the website and accessible with the buttons below. The Group Survey will capture the results of in person or virtual gathering using the pdf below to facilitate the meeting. The Individual Survey can be shared with parishioners via the bulletin, parish website or Flocknote in lieu of gatherings.
A group facilitator can print the questionnaire Here to lead discussions and then input the group responses on the online GROUP survey on behalf of the group

St Aloysius Catholic School in Gilbertville is in search of substitute teachersfor both the regular school day and for our after school program.If you enjoy working with children in a caring environment please reach out toRoberta McQuaid via email at or call the school at 413-477-1268 for more information.

Have you ever considered a Catholic education for your child?
If so, please take a look at what St. Aloysius Catholic School in nearby Gilbertville has to offer. Focusing on faith, strong academics and a commitment to the community, an education at St. Aloysius is truly affordable. There are select openings to join our school
family for the upcoming school year, with a waitlist for preschool students. Please inquire via email to Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for recent school happenings.

Volunteer Legacy of Hope
Daily mass . Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
9AM . St. Thomas A Becket Daily Masses are canceled when school is delayed/canceled due to weather
 Please remember St. Francis of Assisi Parish has an Emergency Fund* to help those in need.
If you as a parishioner, or if you know of anyone in the Barre/Oakham area that may need assistance please call the Parish Office at 978-355-2228 and leave a message for
Deacon Scott at Ext. 3.
All inquiries are strictly confidential.
The Women’s Guild Bereavement Committee will be re-organizing so that once again we will be able to offer lunches for families at a time of loss. These lunches take a lot planning and co-ordination, so a lot of help is needed!

The lunch menu consists of a selection of four filled sandwiches, fruit cup, relish tray, chips baked goods and coffee for a cost of $5.00 per plate.

We will be looking for donations of fillings, of egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad or turkey salad, baked goods, and kitchen help on the day of the event.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please sign up with your name, phone number and indicate the areas where you could help. Sign up sheets are in the back of the church. Thank you!

Campaign News

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Church of St.Thomas-a-Becket and St. Joseph Chapel Are Wheelchair Accessible
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