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"The first right of the human person is his life... [It is] the
condition of all the others. Hence it must be protected
above all others. It does not belong to society, nor does it
belong to public authority in any form to recognize this
right for some and not for others. It is not recognition
by another that constitutes this right. This right is
antecedent to its recognition; it demands
recognition and it is strictly unjust to refuse it."
~ Declaration on Procured Abortion, Sacred Congregation
of the Doctrine of the Faith, 1974, n. 11
Pope Paul

During this Religious Freedom Week, we invite you to take action in protecting international religious freedom, which is increasingly under siege around the world with more people harassed, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed simply because of their faith. That’s why USCCB has been a strong supporter of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an independent, bipartisan agency, doing vital work to monitor and report on the worst violations of religious freedom globally in countries such as China, India, Iran, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Russia, and Syria.
The Catholic Church views religious freedom as a basic human right rooted in the dignity of the human person and critical to the health of societies. On September 14, 2022, in an address the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, Pope Francis said, “Religious freedom is a basic, primary and inalienable right needed to be protected everywhere.” Thus, USCCB has worked closely with USCIRF’s commissioners (many of whom have been Catholic) and staff to gather information and to provide contacts when they travel abroad to investigate religious freedom conditions.
USCIRF’s reauthorization expires on September 30, 2024. S. 3764 and H.R. 7025 would reauthorize USCIRF and would extend its modest funding until September 30, 2026. I urge you to support these bills to reauthorize USCIRF so it can continue to protect this basic human right – international religious freedom.
You can read USCCB’s recent letters to the House and Senate calling for the reauthorization of USCIRF here.

Take Action

New proposals in Congress threaten human life and religious freedom.
The need to accompany and support the increasing number of families struggling with infertility is real. But after largely misunderstanding a recent ruling by the Alabama state supreme court, many members of Congress – including those who consider themselves pro-life – are in a rush to impose a new national “right” to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other such technologies that threaten preborn human lives and turn people into property (like surrogacy, gene editing, and cloning). At least one of the current proposals could also threaten religious hospitals, charities, schools, and other organizations that do not enable or cover these medical procedures, and even could apply to minors. Please tell your members of Congress to oppose bills and resolutions that claim to protect these problematic “rights” to IVF and other “assisted reproductive technologies” (ART) that cause the death of countless human embryos and violate human dignity.

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Say NO to Physician Assisted Suicide in Massachusetts
The Massachusetts State Legislature is again considering passing into law two deeply troubling bills this
session which would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide. The bills, House 2246 and Senate 1331, are
identical in text and titled “An Act relative to end of life options”. To read more click here

Online child exploitation threatens the safety and well-being of our young people and destroys families and communities. In recent years, these abuses have increased exponentially, in large part due to the Internet and mobile technology.
Catholics are sadly familiar with the grave consequences of a culture that fails to give adequate attention to the problem of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and we have a responsibility to act to ensure children and the vulnerable are safe.
Thankfully, members of both parties in Congress are putting forward various pieces of legislation that would address and help prevent the destructive effects of online child exploitation. Your voice is needed to urge Congress to use their authority to protect children and vulnerable people online.
Join USCCB in asking your member of Congress to protect children online today!
To learn more, read the USCCB’s letter outlining three moral principles Congress can use to protect children online.
Messages in your own words can be more effective. Please consider customizing the message to Congress with your own story
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